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Post by Satsuna on Thu May 12, 2016 4:29 pm

Hey everyone! Satsuna here to answer any frequently asked questions.
This will be updated as we go if I see the need to add any.

Thank you.

When will Soul Swords be released?
Not any time soon, I'm afraid. We plan in the next few 3 - 5 years as this project is new and a huge undertaking. We will do our best to keep everyone updated to the best of our ability.
We plan to bring in a small group of user testers that will have the ability to apply for moderator positions before the general public. We do plan to keep it small so I apologize if it doesn't get very interesting around here.

What is Soul Swords about?
Soul Swords is about the idea of all weapons containing souls and personalities.
From the beginning by who forges them and who uses them, weapons begin to create themselves, their soul burning brightly from the experiences, and becoming their own being.
You (and the many other heroes) have discovered you contain the gift of communicating with the souls of your arsenal. It is up you to understand how to bring them to their full potential as you defend yourself, your teammates, and you world.

I would like to lend my help/services?
That's awesome! Fill out the forum below. Then email it to satsuna@soulswords.com.

Name/what you would like to be called:
Languages you speak:
Position you're applying for:
Services or help you're offering:
Examples or Experience:
Volunteering or Salary?:
How much free time can you give?:

What social sites are you on?
Right now you can follow our super blank Twitter account. <3
Twitter link

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FAQ (Most Frequently Asked Questions) Empty Re: FAQ (Most Frequently Asked Questions)

Post by Satsuna on Fri May 13, 2016 11:36 am

Will this be an avatar dress up site?
Yes and no. While our main focus will not be centered around dressing up avatars, we will still allow that ability to customize your character. Trust me, I get how much fun it can be to dress up your character, as it can be hard to play if everyone looks the same.
But it'll be more focused around the weapons and story line and battling with them.

Is this forum/browser based or MMO based?
We'll keep this more of browser/forum based. There is no desire for us to try to turn this into an mmorpg. So please don't expect or request this to become an mmorpg.
We'll have our main site plus the forums for users to communicate with the community.

Who are all the team members? And their functions?
Right now that's a secret. But I have decided to take on the voice of the team. As we progress, I'll edit this update users on who to contact, who's working with us, and who to thank for all the hard work.

What does it mean to be part of the "testing group?"
It means you're an awesome person who's willing to give up your free time in order to help our endeavor. We do plan to have extra special goodies for our testers.
○ Reserving a username
○ Applying to be a moderator before general public
○ Special items (To be figured out at a later date)
○ A special beta tester rank/color

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