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Post by Announcement on Tue May 10, 2016 12:32 pm

This forum is under construction and is in no way completed.

The site is down and will be down until it is safe for testing purposes.

Thanks to all interested in testing and bare with us as we get this all going.

It may take a long time, this is only a few months in the making.

Please behave yourself or we will be forced to warn or possibly remove you from testing the services.

Thank you again! flower

Forum Updates
Here I'll post recent forums updates to look forward to for this week after they have been completed!
(5/11 - 5/18)

[x] Report Ability has been set up to allow users to report posts on the forums for the following reasons:
1. Abuse/Harassment
2. Bug/Glitch
3. Spam
4. Misc

[x] User ranks have been added and will be updated.
1. We will have stickers/cool art for different forum ranks that can be achieved by simply posting in the forums.
2. Rank ideas will need some work.

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